Current Home Décor Trends and Colors

Current Home Décor Trends and Colors

A happy shade of green called “Greenery” was named the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year. Signifying refreshment and renewal, this bright shade of green is sure to be seen in home décor, fashion and commercial design. Navy is also more commonly being used in place of black. Used as a color for an accent wall or to update kitchen cabinets, navy offers a traditional feel with a modern influence.

Happy motifs and patterns, including butterflies, which represent grace and optimism, are seen in various spaces as accents, such as wallpaper design and pillows. Another trend is mixing patterns or a piece with mixed patterns within it.

Faux finishes have also been a very fashionable trend this year and are expected to continue on this path. Faux materials such as faux wood ceiling beams, engineered quartz, faux leather counters, faux foliage and manufactured grey floors are just a few of the trends to looks for in home design.

Texture is also very hot right now, in the form of pleating, folding, large stitches and beautiful luxurious materials.

Artisan work has also taken center stage as an emerging and staying trend. For years, the world has been hyper-focused on DIY projects, with Pinterest brimming with ideas and Etsy shops popping up left and right. The focus on DIY has since transferred to artisan items that have been crafted carefully, with high skill level required, and amazing materials. Items made through glass blowing and meticulous woodworking using giant raw chunks of wood.

As an extension to the raw wood mention, raw white, with it’s natural, organic, handmade and beautiful textures is seen a lot this year as well. Finding beauty in imperfections is the draw with the raw white, raw materials, handcrafted items and artisanal work overall, as is the idea of exclusivity with handmade items where no two items can ever be exactly alike.

There is a move away from sterile and perfect looking to more from-the-earth, special, handmade, artistic, creative pieces and accents. And less is more, with many looking for multipurpose spaces and ways to maximize the space they do have; items such as chairs, appliances and kitchen islands that can be folder or tucked away.

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