Popular Interior Design Styles

Popular Interior Design Styles

When looking to decorate your home, there are various design styles you can incorporate. The goal is to get a good mix of styles together throughout the home, but you should first determine which ones you are most drawn to.

There are many styles, but the ones that are currently most high in demand include:

Mid-Century Modern

Modern design illustrated with sophisticated lines, natural shapes, and minimalist silhouettes. This style offers creative ways to present new materials like molded plastic, aluminum and plywood. The pieces are generally very versatile and able to blend will with many other design styles.



With this style that brings us back to the industrial era, there is an emphasis on a liberal use of distressed wood elements, exposed brick walls and exposed steel. This modern style also generally includes copper accents and invokes a general feel that is mature and rustic. Industrial décor spans from modern rustic with cleaner lines to a more rugged vintage arrangement.


Bohemian design encapsulates the carefree and adventure-filled spirit of the bohemian lifestyle. It features a creative blend of rich patters, vibrant colors, warmth and a carefully presented “disorganized” look. Bohemian pieces possess ethnic or nomadic vibes, of which Moroccan, tribal-inspired, and Southwestern are very popular. Textiles, wood and metallic accents are incorporated with the Bohemian style of interior design.

Urban Modern

This design style is derived from the modern designer lofts in major cities across the globe. Pulling inspiration from its diverse environment, urban modern design style is a blend of minimalist modern, glamorous chic, edgy experimental design elements and ethnic heirloom pieces. Larger-than-average furnishings and decorative accents (mirrors, tables and pillows) offer artistic expression within this design style.

Shabby Chic

The Shabby Chic design style puts emphasis on vintage elements to create an antique look. The furnishings are characterized by their aged appearance, with a lot of distressed wood pieces. Overall, accents within the shabby chic style should be soft and luxurious. Linen textiles, as well as white, ecru and pastels are abundant with Shabby Chic.


A popular minimalist look that features gentle silhouettes, playful accent colors, and a mix of engineered and organic materials, Scandinavian design typically uses gray tones and white as base colors. Scandinavian furnishings are simple, contemporary and functional.

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