Blending Design Styles For a Top Notch Look

Blending Design Styles For a Top Notch Look

When approaching a new design project, it’s important to remember that you do not (and actually should not) try to strictly follow one design style and end up with a room that is matchy-matchy from top to bottom. Incorporating different design styles is a good thing.

One of the most often-selected design styles is traditional, because it is safe and comfortable. A spinoff of the traditional style in recent years is the new traditionalist style, which allows more freedom in blending more modern pieces of art and other design style accents within a traditional design setting.

The opposite works the same way – modern and sleek pieces of furniture accented by traditional pieces of artwork can offer a wonderful eclectic look.

One way to easily blend pieces from different design styles is to link them through color. Whether painting a wall as a backdrop or blending a piece of traditional furniture that is a specific color with a more modern piece that is the same color, color can be the unifying link to bring everything together visually. On a similar note, merging styles with two different hues of a color can work well also.

A couple other ways to blend two styles:

  • Make a traditional piece a little more updated/modern by adding a splash of color with paint or recovering fabric cushions.
  • Add one piece of a different style to the room to break up the monotony of “too much of one style.” Examples: a modern table in the middle of a traditional design style room or a classic chandelier to give a pop to a room that is generally modern in style.

Remember to try to not get caught up with focusing on one theme or one design style. Mix it up, make it fun and unique – make it your own.